Colorado Springs


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Tyler Halsey (Guitar/Back-up vox) Justin Deluna (Guitar), Mike Horner(Bass) Kevin Evans(Drums/Back up vocals)


Band Description

Modern Rock/Hard Rock.

Definition: A sound like that of distant thunder, some of which may have seismic origins.

THE BRONTIDE EFFECT emerged as an acoustic anomaly piercing through the hearts and minds of their listeners. THE BRONTIDE EFFECT came to light in the Colorado Springs local scene in July 2013 to embark on an explosive writing endeavor of heartfelt, epic proportions. A year later in the winter of 2014 they recorded and released their highly anticipated debut album "Fault Lines" at Clear Sound Studios in Colorado Springs Colorado with Producer and Tracking Extraordinaire Jarrod Headley. THE BRONTIDE EFFECT hit the ground running efficiently shaking the dust off their local music scene by commanding the stage with vibrant energy and unforgettable melodies.
Through their diversity you will engage and recognize a higher calling which begs to provoke your immediate thought and attention. THE BRONTIDE EFFECT pummels the subconscious with electrifying guitars, ferocious percussion, and haunting, truth-laden vocals. THE BRONTIDE EFFECT is sure to make a true believer out of you as they strive to awaken the sleeping masses and change lives, one song at a time.

“Finally a band worthy of getting my attention! I stopped listening to this genre a long time ago because it was all cookie cutter crap. This album is awesome. I am addicted to it and cannot stop listening. The lyrics are simple but true. The heartbeat of first drums then bass is riveting. I am looking forward to being able to buy their album. I hope album number two blows me away as much as "Fault Lines" does”
- Pamela Yager, Post from one of our fans!!

"When I heard your songs for the first time it was more than awesome guitar riffs, drums and lyrics/vocals it was as if your songs were stories of my life"
-Evan Eason

"If your CD collection already has the likes of Three Doors Down and Breaking Benjamin, check out The Brontide Effect"-Kendra Beltran (Band Blurp)

Joe Shadowens (Lead vocals)
Tyler Halsey (Lead Guitar/Vocals)
Kevin Evans (Drums/Vocals)
Justin DeLuna (Guitar)
Mike Horner (Bass)


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